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Wonderize Ultra Dry 310mm Sanitary Napkins

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  • Triple Layer Protection
  • Wonder lock anti-leak core
  • Gel lock technology avoids leakage
  • Perforated flap paper
  • Pack of 7 pads
  • Combo of 3 packs
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Product description

Wonderize Ultra Dry Comfort sanitary napkin gratifies to the woman on the move. This is perfect for the workaholic who won’t take a day off even during heavy flow.


Wonderize Ultra Dry Comfort Sanitary napkin has super soft cover that helps to eliminates rashes. It also has uniquely shaped wings and four wall protection that gives extra comfort during periods. Wonderize Ultra Dry Comfort sanitary napkin prepared with micro-ridge embossed and soft top sheet keeps you feeling dry and fresh all day long. Wonder Soft Edges helps in rash free experience.


Data sheet

Pack Size
21 Pads ( 7 X 3 packs)
30 Pads ( 30 X 1 packs)
60 Pads ( 30 X 2 packs)
Shelf Life
3 Years
Sanitary Napkin

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