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Nature Sure Kalonji Oil - Black Seed Oil

Nature Sure Kalonji Oil - Black Seed Oil

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Nature Sure Kalonji Oil - Black Seed Oil. Kalonji Oil is used as a potent herb having several healing properties. Kalonji Oil has several properties which keeps our body free from infections. Kalonji Oil is the best remedy for the treatment of baldness and hair loss. Kalonji Oil is used as a home remedies for many health problems like blood sugar, blood pressure, body weight, skin related problems, pimples and acne, asthma, memory increase, allergies and hair loss, joint pain, weight management, cough and cold. Prevent hair loss and treat baldness. Useful in diabetes and hypertension. Useful for Migraine and Headache. Helps in preventing skin disease. Acts as a Pain Reliever.

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Product Description: Scientific Studies have shown that Kalonji oil (black seed) is rich in antioxidants which protect the body from free radicals. Kalonji Oil (black seed) is an incredible source of essential fatty acids. Adding Kalonji oil in your daily routine is an excellent way to maintain great health. Kalonji works as wonder herb due to the presence of thymoquinone (TQ) which is a major active chemical component of the essential oil. Due to its miraculous healing properties, Kalonji (Black Seed, Nigella Sativa) has earned the title of "Seed of Blessing". The modern science has proven that Kalonji can cure multiple ailments and disorders like Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Diarrohea, Dropsy, Amennohrea, Dysmenorrhoea, treatment of worms and skin eruptions. Due to its medically proven preventive and curative properties, Kalonji (black seed, nigella sativa) has earned the recommendation of World Health Organization as an herbal remedy for many diseases.

Features: Supports metabolism and helps in prevention and management of diabetes. Improves digestion and prevents gastrointestinal disorders. Anti-obesity action helps in weight loss. Increases body tone and prevents skin wrinkle. Treats Insomnia or Sleep Disorders. Soothes bronchitis and cure coughs. Helps in lowering blood sugar levels. Increases hair growth. Stops hair fall and hair loss. Helps maintain healthy body and stamina.

Ingredients: Kalongi (black seed) oil.

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Super kalonji oil

I have heard about the Kalanji oil from my grandmother that it is the best medicine for all diseases. So I bought this product online and after using this oil am so happy it is the best solution for hair, skin, and digestion.

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