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Hyp Whey Protein (Meal Replacement) Bar-Peanut Butter

Hyp Whey Protein (Meal Replacement) Bar-Peanut Butter

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HYP Whey Protein (Meal Replacement) Bar-Peanut Butter. These whey Protein Bars from HYP are not only yummy but high in protein and other nutrients. It can be used as a meal replacement bar too, if you are targeting weight loss. Easy to carry and suitable to eat anytime.

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HYP Whey Protein (Meal Replacement) Bar-Peanut Butter. These whey Protein Bars from HYP are not only yummy but high in protein and other nutrients. It can be used as a meal replacement bar too, if you are targeting weight loss. Easy to carry and suitable to eat anytime.

This bar is 100% vegetarian product. No added sugar. Gluten Free. No artificial sweeteners or preservatives used. Delicious and convenient for on the go consumption. High in fiber content to make you feel full. Can be used as a meal replacement if targeting weight loss. HYP Protein bar is formulated as a quick way to supply protein to your body. It is high quality protein bar designed with whey protein and nuts. Consuming this bar will boost your strength and stamina.

Ingredients: Protein blend, corn syrup, dietary fiber, humectant, peanuts, edible vegetable oil, cocoa powder, cocoa solids, oats, guar gums, salt, almonds.

Now the crowd is very curious about fitness whether it’s male or female and many techniques like gym, exercise, quit junk food, diet chart; supplement, yoga etc. are being followed by the fitness people.

According to the requirement of our body, adequate food is required and the best protein bar is the best way to fulfill this requirement. Protein for the repair of tissue, bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood is an important requirement for our body.


Data sheet

HYP Protein Bars
Pack Size
Box of 6 Bars( 60 grams each)
Shelf Life
Peanut Butter

Eat any time

This is super tasty, healthy and best Whey protein bar. I can eat it any time any where, best meal replacement.



Healthy and tasty product.


good product

love the taste and quality


Great product

Although all the bars of Hyp are very delicious but when it comes to the favorite then i must say that it is the only one which i love a lot



This product is superbbbb………. really tastyyy....


Amazing blend flavors

HYP protein bars are really tasty protein bars. At least it’s the best of all that I have tried. Want to try the other flavours available.


Yummy Taste......

I've eaten almost all of the flavors of this brand and I'll say they are the best protein bar I've tasted.
They provided a sufficient quantity on the appropriate price I'd say that this the best protein bar I've taken.


Best Meal Replacement

If you’re trying to build muscle mass, this bar has one of the highest protein counts we could find in this protein bar !!!


Best Whey Protein Bar

Greatest and strongest protein bars you can ever get. Natural in every bite...

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Customer Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Are protein bars good for losing weight?

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When you're attempting to get in shape, protein bars can be the ideal snack in a hurry , yet they can likewise be sugary and pressed with an excessive number of calories. ... You need one that is loaded with protein and moderately low in calories.


Is it better to eat protein before or after a workout?

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You'll need to eat a dinner high in carbs and protein and low in fat about three to four hours previously you work out," whether you're attempting to shed pounds or construct muscle. Starches supply your body with the glycogen it requirements for your yoga session, exercise center visit, or run


Are protein bars healthy?

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Most of the bars have 30 grams of sugar — or, in other words, which is more than the amount in a candy Regardless of whether the bar has healthy ingredients — 30 grams of sugar is an abundant excess. There are a few bars that have just four to five fixings like almonds, whey protein, and so on those are best to eat.


These bars are written "contain soy" what are the source of soy?

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The protein sources used in the bar are whey concentrate and milk isolate. Soy is not used in the bar as a protein source. However the bars contain soy lecithin which is an emulsifier. The usage of lecithin is in trace amounts. You need not worry about from the standpoint of avoiding soy based protein sources. It matters only if you are allergic to soy and hence the message on label.


It contains sorbitol what is it?

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Sorbitol is a sugar liquor that tastes half as sweet as sucrose (sugar) with half the same number of calories and has a low glycemic file. It happens normally in berries, apples and so on. In any case, for mass utilization, it is handled out of corn. We utilize it in our bars because of the way that it has an exceptionally mellow sweetness and does not trigger varieties in blood insulin levels. Plus, it keeps up the surface of a high protein item like our own


If I don't refrigenerate it how long it will last?

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The bars would last 45 days without refrigeration, and We recommend refrigeration upon arrival so the bars would maintain their texture/composure for a period longer than 45 days.

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