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Eviction Natural Hair Inhibitor- Permanent Hair Remover Cream For Men & Women 100gm

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EVICTION - the natural hair inhibitor can be used after removing hair through waxing, hair removal cream or shaving. After hair removal, the skin pores are opened and the cream penetrates deep into the skin through these pores. With its advanced formulation, EVICTION stops the hair growth activity at hair follicle level.

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EVICTION the hair terminator is an advanced formulation for permanent hair growth reduction from unwanted body part. Eviction targets the roots of hair shaft and deactivates the hair bulb activities responsible for hair growth. EVICTION penetrates deep into the skin at the level of hair follicle sac and restricts the growth of unwanted body hair. This cream can be used by both man and woman as this is safe as well as suitable for all skin types. EVICTION contains 100% natural ingredients. This is the best way to remove unwanted hair of any part of the body like- Facial hair (cheeks hair, hair on lips, above lips, lower lips, hair on chin, below chin, hair on nose), Arms, Legs, Chest, Forehead and other body parts. It is mandatory to remove hair to let EVICTION penetrate into the skin to stop unwanted hair growth.
ht of hair growth on the skin. Eviction works best with all hair removal methods which remove hair from the root like hair removal cream, waxing, sugaring, threading or laser hair removal.



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I used this product , honestly before that i never knew , hairs can be removed permanently. Amazing product.

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