LetsShave Pro 3 Replacement Cartridges - Pack of 4 Blades

With three ultra-sharp blades, an angular platform with tilting head, and a skin-soothing lubrication strip, your Pro 3 men's razor will work like new - at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

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Re-Up Your Pro 3 Is your last Pro 3 blade finally starting to lose its edge? Do you have any Dorco handle on hand and you'd like to try the three-blade approach? Are you getting tired of constantly throwing money at big-name brands and receiving small-time results? Shave Smart With This Four-Pack of Pace 3 Replacement Cartridges! These brand-new cartridges are exactly the same as those that caused you to fall in love with your Pro 3 in the first place.

Three-Blade Angular Platform: With a compact size and a smooth shave, the Pace 3 delivers everything you need in a razor. Tilted Head Hits All The Angles: The soft rubber fin combined with the unique head design means no hair will escape. Lubrication Strip Soothes Your Skin: Aloe Vera and Vitamin E immediately set to work rejuvenating your skin as you shave.

Open-Flow Design For Superior Durability: You'll find that our cartridges tend to last significantly longer than the competition thanks to a unique design that ensures full rinsing of hair follicles and other debris. This keeps your blades sharper, longer.

Completely Interchangeable Docking System: Mix and match handle and cartridge all you like; if it's Dorco, it'll work.

Innovation on Your Side: Sixty years of expertise means we know razors like the back of our hand - yet we continue to strive for that perfect shave.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Our commitment to your happiness is paramount. If you're not thrilled, let us know; we'll try making it right.


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