LetsShave Pro 3 Disposable Razor Kit - Three-Blade Disposable Shaving Razor (Pack of 5)

LetsShave Pro 3 Disposable Razor Kit - Three-Blade Disposable Shaving Razor (Pack of 5)

SHAVE YOUR WAY: If you're most comfortable with a three-blade razor, you'll feel right at home with this fine-tuned, disposable men's shaving system from LetsShave. Its ultra-sharp blades and unparalleled flexibility mean no hair will go unshaved.

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Are you sick of disposables that leave you nicked up seemingly every other time? Do you wish you didn't have to sacrifice comfort just to shave on the go? Do you think six blades is too much blade for your small face? Step into The Comfort Zone with Pro 3 With Three blades for a sleek, smooth shave, a tilting head to cover every angle, and a lubrication strip to help keep even the most sensitive skin nice and moist, the Pro 3 Disposable is your go-to razor when you're on the go.

Three -Blade Accuracy: Offering pinpoint control while allowing for a superior single-stroke shaving experience, the Pro 3 gives you everything you need to nail that signature sharp look.

Leave Nothing Behind: The flexible pivoting head guides the razor along the contours of your face, and the soft rubber fin holds up your hair for maximum effect on each stroke.

Soothe Sensitive Skin: No need to wait to moisturize until you're finished shaving; the lubrication strip on the Pro 3 prevents irritation and rejuvenates your skin as you work.

Ergonomic Handle: If there's one time you want to have a sure, comfortable grip, it's while shaving. The Pro 3 handle conforms to your hand to keep slippage to a minimum - even while wet.

Everlasting Life: Thanks to the open-backed cartridge architecture, rinsing your Pro 3 is a breeze. This keeps your blades in prime shape and extends their life well beyond that of a typical disposable. Don't Overpay for a Mediocre Shave; Order your Pro 3 Disposable Today!


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