LetsShave Pro 3 Value Kit (Handle + 4 Blades + Razor Cap)

LetsShave Pro 3 Value Kit (Handle + 4 Blades + Razor Cap)

SHAVE IN CLASSIC COMFORT: With three ultra-sharp blades on a patented angular platform, the Pro 3 is your go-to razor for a smooth, rejuvenating shave every day. The unique pivoting head and soft rubber fin help you mop up any stragglers and ensure your entire beard gets the full Pace treatment.

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Shave with a Classic. Are you searching for the perfect combination of compact design and a smooth shave?  Are you sick of shavers that irritate your sensitive skin no matter what precautions you take? Do you simply want a razor that works well and won't cost you a small fortune over time? Introduce Your Beard to The Pro 3. With three ultra-sharp blades, a pivoting head, and a rejuvenating lubrication strip, this is a razor that knows its job and does it well.

Three Blades for An Effortless Shave: This tried and true system with an angular blade platform lets you shave smooth with a single stroke.

Pivoting Head Follows Your Face: With the pivoting head leading the way, and a soft rubber fin that preps each hair before you cut, the Pro 3 gives you the smooth shave you crave - even on the tricky parts around your lips and Adam's Apple.

Lubrication Strip for Instant Relief: No need to wait to moisturise until after your shave; the dermatologically tested lubrication strip with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E starts rejuvenating your skin right away.

Comfy Grip for Maximum Control: The ergonomically-designed grip fits your hand like a glove and helps ensure there are no slips that can lead to nasty nicks.

One Handle Fits All: If at some point you decide to try the Pro 4, Pro 6+ or any of our other Pro models, simply purchase the cartridge you'd like; no need to buy a whole new handle. Get Out of The Big-Name Rat Race and Save Yourself Some Serious Money Over Time; Order Your Pro 3 Today, and Shave Smart!


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