LetsShave Pro 4 Razor Pack (Handle + Blade + Razor Cap)

LetsShave Pro 4 Razor Pack (Handle + Blade + Razor Cap)

TREAT YOUR BEARD TO FOUR-BLADE COMFORT: With four ultra-sharp blades on a patented angular platform, Pro 4 shaves more skin in a single stroke whilst irritating less. The unique pivoting head and soft rubber fin help you mop up any stragglers and leave your face soft and smooth.

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Four Is the Magic Number Have you been searching for a razor that can deliver on its promises of a smooth, single-stroke shaving experience? Are you sick of scraping away again and again to get those pesky remaining hairs - only to come away with some stragglers still clinging to your thoroughly irritated face? Have you had it with the vicious cycle of paying way too much to replace your cartridge on one of those big-name razors? Then the Pro 4 Is the Perfect Match for Your Beard and Your Wallet. With four ultra-sharp blades, a pivoting head, and a rejuvenating lubrication strip, this is a razor you can rely on for a superior shave day after day. Four Blades Make Shaving Fun: When your razor glides over your skin with quality blades that shave you smooth in a single stroke, shaving is no longer a chore.

Pivoting Head Follows Your Face: With the pivoting head leading the way, and a soft rubber fin that preps each hair before you cut, the Pro 4 gives you the smooth shave you crave - even on the tricky parts.

Lubrication Strip for Instant Relief: No need to wait to moisturize until after your shave; the dermatologically tested lubrication strip with chamomile and olive oil starts rejuvenating your skin right away. 

Comfy Grip for Maximum Control: The ergonomically-designed grip fits your hand like a glove and helps ensure there are no slips that can lead to nasty nicks. 

One Handle Fits All: If at some point you decide to try the Pace 6 + or any of our other Pace models, simply purchase the cartridge you'd like; no need to buy a whole new handle.


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