LetsShave Pro 6 Advance Razor Pack (Handle + Blade + Razor Cap)

LetsShave Pro 6 Advance Razor Pack (Handle + Blade + Razor Cap)

World's First 6 Blade Technology: Experience the World's First 6 Blade technology now in India with the Pro 6 Advance razor. 6 Sharp blades to provide with the closest shave.

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World's First 6 Blade Technology Razor Now in India! Are you getting tired of constantly throwing money at big-name brands and receiving small-time results? You are thinking to try the World's First 6 Blade Technology? Your quench to get a close shave is not satisfied with the lesser count of Blades? Try the Pro 6 Advance to quench your thirst for quality razors and a Close Shave. With six narrow, ultra-sharp blades, a pivoting head, and a rejuvenating lubrication strip, this is the pinnacle of wet shaving perfection.

Six Blades Redefine Smooth: Dermatological tests have repeatedly shown that more blades make a smoother shave with less irritation. Our latest and greatest six-blade design bears that out, and the blades are narrow enough so they won't clog as you go.

Pivoting Head Follows Your Face: With the pivoting head leading the way, and a wide guard bar digging deep to prep each hair before you cut, the Pro 6 Advance gives you the smooth shave you crave - even on the tricky parts.

Lubrication Strip for Instant Relief: No need to wait till after your shave to rehydrate your skin; Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Lavender combine to give you instant relief and make your face look that much younger.

Sensitive Skin: Pace 6 pro is the one for you! Designed specially with a wide comfort guard, the Pro 6 Advance will be the best for your sensitive skin. Comfy Grip for Maximum Control: The ergonomically-designed grip fits your hand like a glove and helps ensure there are no slips that can lead to nasty nicks.

Advanced Razor Handle: The Pro 6 Advance handle compatible with all our blades. Designed with matte exterior, rubber-texturized grip pattern and weighted core for maximum grip and control while you shave.

One Handle Fits All: Want to try another blade? Your Pace 6 Pro handle will mate with any other cartridge in the Pace series. Feel the Difference Six Blades Make; Order Your Pace 6 Pro Today! Save Money; Shave Smart!


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