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Bhumija Lifesciences Amla Juice (Sugar Free) 1 Ltr.

Bhumija Lifesciences Amla Juice (Sugar Free) 1 Ltr.

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Bhumija Lifesciences Amla Juice (Sugar Free) 1 Ltr..Amla is the richest natural source of Vitamin C alkaloids Enzymes Tannin

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Bhumija Lifesciences Amla Juice (Sugar Free) 1 Ltr..Amla is the richest natural source of Vitamin C alkaloids Enzymes Tannin


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Bhumija Lifesciences
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1 Ltr
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I am taking this for my hair growth and trust me it works amazinglyy....


fresh and natural

bhumija juices are good and Wellnessmonk delivers me in time



started this juice few weeks ago and really suits me

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Customer Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Can Amla juice regrow hair?

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Amla juice helps to strengthen your hair follicles and supports in encouraging hair growth. amla also prevents dandruff. You can apply amla directly on the scalp to stop the hair fall and give them an extra shine.


Is it good to drink Amla juice at night?

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Yes, Amla juice can be taken at night. It gives the same benefits as when you drink it in the morning. Amla is mostly prescribed to be consumed on empty stomach to detoxify the body and as we all know, Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C, which makes the fruit acidic in nature so it can stimulate the hyperacidity. That’s why it is suggested to take with water.


Is it good to drink Amla juice in empty stomach?

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Amla is well known as powerhouse of nutrients. the most effective and easy ways to add amla in your diet is to juice it. For that, you need to take it with water every day on an empty stomach. It is beneficial to clear your digestive system, helps in maintaining apparent skin, shiny and healthy hair and good eyesight.


What is Benefits of Amla juice?

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Amla juice is very beneficial to treat Infections. The antibacterial and astringent properties of Amla juice can treat all skin and digestion related issues. Amla juice is well known for a healthy digestive system, this is rich in vitamin C that helps in increasing the number of WBCs in the body, that supports keep better immunity.


When Amla juice should be taken?

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Well, it all depends on why you are taking amla juice. if you are taking it for maintaining general health, then it can be taken anytime in a day before the meal. If you have acidity issue then kindly consume it after 1/2hr of your meal and If the purpose of taking it for digestive issues then its better to take it empty stomach at early morning.


Will Amla juice reduce weight?

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Along with improving the metabolism and eradicating the built-up toxins in the body, consumption of amla juice also helps in weight loss in. taking amla juice in a day is the best way to keep your body hydrated When you consume amla juice daily, your body gets the supply of Vitamin C and other nutrients which all aids in weight loss.

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