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BPL Oxygen Concentrator - Oxy 5 Neo Dual

BPL Oxygen Concentrator - Oxy 5 Neo Dual

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Oxy 5 Neo Dual has a double outlet with an oxygen purity of 93%. Has safety features like a High-pressure safety valve, Power failure alarm function & Fault self-detection system. Flame retardant thermo plastic molded cabinet for strength and durability.

Oxygen concentrator will be available to dispatch from 30th May. Order will be 100% refundable if not delivered on the estimated delivery date.

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  • Dual Output - 5-liter dual output with a built-in nebulizer
  • LCD Screen - Users can view usage hours & adjust the auto-shut timer.
  • Audio Alarm - Audio alarm for power failure, low Oxygen concentration, compressor failure, pressure cycle failure.
  • Low Noise - The device has multilevel noise reduction measures
  • Rugged & Durable - Flame retardant thermo plastic moulded cabinet for strength and durability
  • User-Friendly - Is portable, user-friendly, safe, quiet, and reliable
  • Secure, Reliable & Energy Efficient - Gas circuit is controlled by a low-pressure system which ensures secured & reliable operation. E Energy-efficient compressor with thermal protector.
  • Timer Function - Users can set the time in the range of 0 – 99 Min for auto shut down
  • Storage - One can place all sort of accessories in the overhead compartment
  • Ease of Maintenance - Simple & ergonomic design makes it easily serviceable

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