Spray-Lite Cooking Spray Rice Bran

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Spray-lite Cooking Spray Rice Bran. SprayLite Cooking Spray is an all-natural convenient way to cook without the calories of butter or Oil. Just spray on any pan, griddle, kadai, tava, baking and microwave dish for easy, healthier cooking and non-stick serving. SprayLite is ideal for making stir-fry, vegetables, pastas, meats, fish, casseroles, kababs, dosas, parathas, muffins, cakes, pancakes, waffles, and much more.

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Product Description: A 100% Vegetarian and alcohol-free product, SprayLite Cooking Spray has 8 thoughtfully formulated variants, some of which are the first of its kind in the world to suit all kinds of world cuisines. Eat Light, Eat Right with SprayLite - the healthiest way of cooking today. This "Healthiest Oil" now brought to you by SprayLite allows you to cook, grill or saute without any of those unwanted calories of oil or butter. Ideal for any general cooking, especially vegetables and potatoes. Made with the best quality Oil, enjoy all the taste without any of the calories.

Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil, Soy lecithin, Water and Propellant.

Storage and Usage Instructions: Shake well before use - do not spray on a preheated / hot pan or utensil.

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Data sheet

Spray lite
Pack Size
175 grams
Shelf Life
Extra Virgin Rice Bran Oil

most delicious way of cooking

Today is the most delicious way of cooking Spray lite. i really like this way to avoid too oily food.

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