Top 5 Baby Care Brands in India

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Even before your baby is born you are searching for the best baby products for your precious bundle of joy! Your every thought is focused on the fact that you want to give your baby the best of everything. And this is true for baby care products too. Meanwhile, there will be many aunties, mothers-in-law, grandmothers, and other well-meaning members of the sorority giving you unasked-for advice on what are the best baby care brands in India.

The situation can be very confusing, especially for a first-time expectant mother. There will soon be someone else needing your full attention, care, and nurture. These thoughts can be intimidating at times. So if you are still wondering what to buy, let us guide you on the attributes of good baby care products. Once you have read this post you will be able to make an informed choice. Baby care products must essentially have the following qualities

  • The products must be dermatologically tested and certified
  • The fragrance of the products must be very mild so that they do not cause any allergic reactions in the bab
  • The baby products must be soft and not contain any abrasive substances
  • The products must address all the needs of the baby vis-à-vis skin and body care.

Considering how critical it is to choose the right baby care brand, it is worth reading a little about the different choices that are available.

Here are the top 5 baby care brands in India

  • Himalaya Baby Care Products

    The Himalaya Baby Care Products are developed after considerable research. This is to ensure that the baby’s skin remains clean, soft and healthy. From baby washes to moisturizers, all the products in the range have a mild and soothing fragrance. Their shampoos contain tried and tested Ayurvedic ingredients that will never make the baby’s eyes burn. The baby massage oil is made with winter cherry and olive oil. Both these ingredients are natural skin moisturizers so the oil is a superb natural moisturizer.

    The brand also has a full range of hygiene-related products like baby wipes and diapers. Their calamine and other baby lotions will ensure that your baby’s skin is always soft. The lotions and creams will also have a therapeutic effect and will prevent dryness, itching, or rashes. Some babies are prone to develop prickly heat. Using their specially developed baby powder will prevent prickly heatand keep the baby’s skin cool throughout the summer season.

  • Biotique Baby Products

    Biotique has a separate range of baby care products called Disney Baby Girl and Disney Baby Boy. Biotique’s baby oil is an herbal product that is certified as being completely safe for babies and toddlers. Carrot and galangal extracts are blended with almond oil and sunflower oil to create the perfect baby massage oil. Their shampoos and soaps are gentle on the baby’s skin because they contain natural extracts like sea algae and green apple that will never allow the baby’s eyes to burn.

    We all use aloe vera in some form to keep our skin and hair soft and healthy. This amazing ingredient has been used by Biotique to create a unique UPF20 sunscreen lotion, especially for babies. Their moisturizing lotion is made with wheat germ, milk protein, honey, almond oil, and seaweed. It will prevent rashes, dryness, and itching and keep the baby’s skin soft as silk. Their basil and sandalwood based talcum powder has a very fine texture and is very gentle on the baby’s skin. It has a mild and pleasing fragrance too.

  • Johnson & Johnson Baby Products

    Originally established in 1893 as Johnson’s Baby, the company Johnson & Johnson was a pioneer in baby care products. Today, they have a wide range of products for newborns, babies, toddlers, and kids. Their skin care products include baby washes, milk based moisturizing creams, baby oils with Vitamin E and Olive oil, and creams to prevent diaper rashes.

    Their shampoos have been known to never bring tears to the baby’s eyes. The fragrances are mild, pleasant, and bearable so there is no fear that the baby will develop allergic reactions due to the strong odor. The company’s carefully designed soft baby wipes and diapers have been the most popular products in the market despite strong competition from similar brands. If you prefer to use the traditional cotton nappies for your baby instead of the commercial ones, you can use their soft nappy pads for additional protection, especially when you are taking the baby outdoors.

  • Mother Care Baby Products

    This is another long-established company specializing in baby care products. Their range of products is mind-blowing! Besides the usual mildly-fragrant massage oils, body lotions, shampoos, creams, and gels for babies; they also have a wide range of other products to make a new mother’s life easier.  They have a wonderful collection of unisex clothing for premature babies, newborns, babies, and kids.

    Other baby accessories are also available like cribs, travel cots, baby mattresses, baby monitors, prams, pushchairs, safety gates for stairs and doorways, bed guards, and more. But their most popular products are skin care and hygiene-related products. Their no-tears shampoo is specially developed to suit sensitive skin types. With ingredients like olive oil and chamomile, it will not only moisturizer the baby’s skin but will also soothe the baby to sleep for a longer time. 

  • Sebamed Baby Products

    This company has introduced a full range of natural skin and hair care products for babies. Their massage oil is a classic formula of wheat germ oil and soybean oil which will ensure that your baby’s skin is always moisturized, soft and silky-smooth.

    Their body milk is made with almond oil and shea butter. This unique combination will ensure that your baby’s skin is protected against dryness, itching, and rashes. Their baby wipes and diaper rash cream are also made from natural products that are safe for babies. The company has also introduced a baby-safe lip balm to prevent chapped lips and bleeding which is a common problem in the winter season.

Happy Mothering! Wish you and your baby all the best…
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