Say Hello to Organic Cosmetics

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I’ve always wondered why there is such a fuss about “organic” and natural beauty products. Recently, I read a few articles on the benefits of organic cosmetics and now, I am hooked for life! Organic cosmetics are made from natural ingredients and do not cause any skin reactions. Long-term use of chemical-based cosmetics will damage the texture of the skin and also accelerate aging. So it is time to say goodbye to traditional cosmetics and say hello to organic cosmetics!

For many women, using cosmetics on a daily basis is a way of life! Whether it is an important meeting or a social event you need to attend, cosmetics are an essential part of a woman’s dress routine. But frequent use of cosmetics that contain petroleum byproducts, aluminum, or lead can cause headaches, allergic colds, skin irritations, cancer, and even Alzheimer. The strong scents of the products to overshadow the smell of chemicals can also cause sinusitis in some women. Whereas, organic or natural cosmetics are mild and soothing and have many other benefits, like

  • The organic cosmetics are tested and certified by skin experts
  • The cosmetics have mild, natural, and soothing aromas
  • They do not contain any chemicals or chemical byproducts
  • They have anti-aging properties
  • The natural cosmetics repair damaged tissues
  • They accelerate rejuvenation of skin cells

All of us want to retain our youthful good looks. Using traditional cosmetics for too many years will defeat this purpose. So let’s look at some of the ingredients contained in organic cosmetics, and explore the reasons why you must dump your old makeup kit and say hello to organic cosmetics:

  • Antioxidants

    Bad dietary habits, overexposure to UV rays, stress, and many other factors cause premature aging. Organic cosmetics contain many antioxidants, including Vitamin C from fruit-extracts. These ingredients slow down the aging process and keep your skin looking youthful and healthy for many, many years. Using organic cosmetics is crucial especially in the summer months. When you use cosmetics made from natural minerals, the products will also heal the damaged tissues and help in the rejuvenation of skin cells.

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

    When you switch to organic cosmetics, you will get the full benefit of the AHA content in the products. Natural cosmetics are made from sea algae, vegetable, and fruit extracts. Hence, they contain AHAs like lactic, citric, glycolic, malic, and tartaric acids which are very beneficial for the skin. The advantages of using organic cosmetics include deep-tissue penetration and repair, exfoliation, rejuvenation of skin cells, skin softening, removal of blemishes and scars, and more.

  • Beta-carotene

    Commonly found in red or orange colored fruits and vegetables, beta-carotene is one of the most beneficial componentin all the popular organic cosmetic brands. It is extracted from carrots, red pumpkins, sweet potatoes, peppers, etc. Skin creams containing beta-carotene will help you to get rid of acne scars, patchy skin, irritations or rashes, and other persistent skin problems. They will also act as natural sunscreen lotions and will rejuvenate the skin cells. This is also a common ingredient in natural lipsticks.

  • Vitamin E

    This vitamin is omnipresent in organic skin care products and makeup kits. Products like essential oils, moisturizers, lotions, gels, shampoos, hair conditioners, foundation creams, BB creams, lipsticks, and lip balms, etc. contain vitamin E. The common sources are green tea and extracts of fruits and vegetables. Besides protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, the organic cosmetics have anti-inflammatory properties as well.

    Let’s say you have applied a natural foundation cream to attend a party. You will be wearing it for at least 4-5 hours till you return home and wash your face. In that period of time, not only has the cream masked the uneven textures or blemishes of the skin (if any) but the cream has also been busy curing old acne scars or inflammations.

  • Oatmeal gel or colloidal oatmeal

    You have probably read the benefits of consuming oatmeal for breakfast. But there is a little-known secret of oatmeal which I am going to share. Oatmeal is ground finely, formed into a gel and used in many of the organic skin care and makeup products that are available in the market. Cosmetics containing colloidal oatmeal are very helpful for sensitive skin types that are prone to irritations, rashes, eczema, allergic skin reactions, inflammations, etc. The gel acts as a shield and prevents these conditions from erupting in the future. 

  • Glycerin

    Many organic cosmetics also contain glycerin. This has been used for ages in natural skin care products and cosmetics. It has a multitude of benefits and the most prominent one is its anti-aging properties. Wrinkles are caused due to dryness of the skin. Glycerin keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized for a long time. When you apply glycerin-based makeup, you can be assured that the skin will remain moisturized and soft. It is also a natural healer and will repair the damaged skin tissues while you wearing it.

  • Citric acid

    If you have oily skin then you may have tried out orange peel after a home facial. Your skin must have looked fresh and glowing after this treatment. But did you know the reason why it had such a wonderful effect on your skin? The citric acid contained in the orange face peel was a natural antiseptic. It cleaned the skin of all the dead cells, leaving your face looking fresh and glowing.

    When you use an organic cosmetic product contained citric acid, you will wear it at least for a couple of hours. It will not only act as an antiseptic but will also prevent inflammations due to acne. The orange extract will also encourage collagen production, rejuvenation of your skin, and will improve the blood circulation. The net result will be a healthier, smoother, and youthful looking skin.

In a nutshell, it won’t be wrong to say that the use of natural cosmetics not only improves your appearance but also prevents wrinkles, age blemishes, acne, scarring, itching, and rashes. In that case, isn’t it time you got rid of your usual makeup kit in order to say hello to organic cosmetic and reap the benefits?

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