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Men's skincare should be straightforward and easy. If you are using high quality and all natural products, then your face will thank you (and the woman of your life will probably steal your products too).

Men's Skin Care Routine

The following skincare routine should be performed daily by men's

Men's Face Care

Cleanse - Splash warm water on your face or even better take a shower to open up your pores to allow dirt out. Apply face wash to your face. Do NOT use soap as the vast majority contain chemicals that are too harsh for the face. Rinse with cool water as this will shrink your pores, preventing new dirt and oil from entering. Pat your face dry. You should also use a face scrub 1-2x a week to exfoliate your skin, which removes dead skin cells from clogging up pores and dulling your complexion.

Moisturize- Moisturize your skin with a men's face moisturizer. Hydrating your face keeps it generally looking good, prevents aging and wrinkles, and prevents excess oil production. A small amount of anti-aging cream can help smooth them out and tighten your skin. For even better results to repair and restore aging eyes, use an eye cream for men, as it will not only smooth wrinkles around the eyes, but reduce bags and puffiness.

Damage to the skin caused by environmental factors is not only a significant health concern but can also speed up the signs of aging. Skin cancer is the most prevalent of all cancers and overexposure to sunlight is the main cause. Sun exposure has also been linked to the formation of wrinkles and "age spots." The sun produces both visible and invisible rays from which you need sun protection.

Men's Body Care

Like face care, men's body care starts with a hot shower, which opens up your pores, allowing dirt and bad oils to be easily excreted. The choice to use bar soap or a body wash is purely preferential. If you have dry skin though, you should try a body wash as they usually have more moisturizers in them including Vitamin E, olive oil, and jojoba oil.

Body Moisturizers- Most guys don't use a body moisturizer and that's ok since many guys have oily skin. However, for guys who have dry skin or parts that are really dry, a men's body lotion is the perfect remedy. Apply the lotion immediately after showering to your skin and focus on areas that dry out the most, including elbows, knees, shoulders, lower legs, and hands.

Men's Hand Cream - Hands can be a unique body part for men as many professions and sports require frequent use of hands. Thus, guy's hands are susceptible to becoming dry, chapped, and cracked quite easily. The best men's hand lotion should offer rich hydration, without a greasy feel.

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